Monday, May 2, 2011

Church again

1 May 2011

Today was Sunday so that meant church for me. Almerick (Almo) took me in the morning. The sunday school was upstairs that led to me being worried but there was a chairlift so I got to use that but Almo went on it first because I was scared since he said he had not seen it being used. In sunday school they voted for the next text, as I wasn't officially part of the church group, I felt I shouldn't vote on the text.

Then it was downstairs for lunch at the church as they provide it. Almo went to get it for me. I had not been to his church for a month, people introduced themselves and talked to me and asked what my impression of the church was. I feel the church has a welcoming feel to it, everyone seems so nice to the newcomers. They (Almo, Gillian, Angela, Gideon etc) had some washing and drying to do as it was the first service of the month there was Communion where Baptised people drink red water (wine) and ate bread like the last supper. After church Almo was going to come over to hang out.

I got home at about 3pm but Almo wanted to finish some work so he would go to Gillian's first and then to my place after dinner. I was pretty tired so I could sleep for a few hours I volunteered sleeping in Almo's car but he wanted to take me home first so thats how I got home at 3pm.
I was tired so I napped and told my uncle to wake me up for dinner.

When he came over we got to some Winston drafting in magic which he won 2-1, damn it, thinking about it I should've taken 1 from his myr rather than let him draw 2 from infiltration lense. Next we got to some mental magic, Almo is far better than me at it so after losing 3-0 I had enough.

this will prob ably be the last time that i can go to church for a year or so. I was told that after the bmt i will have to avoid large gatherings of people to avoid infection (magic joke; if i get 10 poison counters gg). 

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