Sunday, May 1, 2011


30 April 2011

I woke up at the usual time but wanted to laze in bed. I got the urge to play some starcraft 2(sc2) so i needed the computer. I called my sister and told them to get my desktop ready to move. My family came over with the computer. I opened the tower case up to investigate a noise with the computer. I got too tired from that little task and I had to call some friends to help. Most of them were busy aka useless to me. Wei Qi and Doany were free so they came over to help.

When they got to working, they noticed the inside of the tower was dusty. So with my uncle they vacuumed it clean. My desktop was then put together as in all the cables and the peripherals. The Internet is connected via a long Ethernet cable. I wanted to use a wireless network card but this will do. The desktop was set up in the living room.

This is what the desktop looks like

When it was finally ready I got to play some sc2. I'm so bad at it as I haven't played in a month. Wei Qi had to go home after dinner but Doany got to stick around until later.


  1. It's not very nice to refer to your friends as 'useless'.

  2. They were for this purpose