Sunday, May 8, 2011

The last few days before bmt

8 May 2011

Tomorrow I get admitted to the hospital. I'm terrified of the central line that they will put in my chest. I was told a local anesthetic would be used. Oh how I wanted a general anesthetic. I had a nightmare where I bled a lot after the central line was put in and the doctor told me to suck on the tube and swallow the blood. I woke up from that at 4.30am then went back to sleep. 

Yesterday was awesome. During the day I got to play in the pre release for magic: the gathering. The majority of the games were close. If was great fun. In the evening was a dinner or I should say feast with my relatives and a few close friends. It was nice seeing everyone but I was too tired so I had to sleep at 9.30pm.

Friday was a BBQ at Lo's place and it turned into his early birthday which was awesome. I had a quarter of cup of champagne and it got me tipsy. Sigh* normally it takes 3 shots until I get tipsy oh well. Note to self: avoid any alcohol. When I got home my uncle also told me off for drinking. Even though it was only a bit the effects seem to be great. 

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