Saturday, April 30, 2011

Out for most of the day

29 April 2011

I got woken up at 8:15 or so by my parents phone call to get ready but I didn't get dressed to go out until they came over to help me. 

I had an appointment at braeside to see the speech therapist (ST). She assessed some of my talking, getting me to read some words and sentences. The main thing I got from it is I need to talk slower. Since it will be more clear if I pronounce every syllable. 

I was done at about 11. We went to get some food and then it was home for me. A few hours until my friends came over to take me to the movies. 

They helped me get in the car. I don't get motion sick unless I read or do something in the car other than look around or talk and only if I didn't get enough sleep. At the cinemas Henry needed to sort out something with the online purchased tickets while I got to buy popcorn at the candy store. I got to pick our seats as the cinema was pretty empty and they weren't going to enforce assigned seating by our tickets. I could move from the wheelchair to the seat on my own so Henry went to get the others who were hungry and went to the food court. 

I got to watch Fast and Furious 5. I felt the movie was decent it eluded to the other films. What seemed to bother me was that if hanh was rich (I.e. He got 11m from the heist) why does he have to work for the DK in fast 3 and eventually die. Also the prison breakout at the start should killed the prisoners as the bus rolled a few times. Compared to the other films in the series this is worth watching. Next was dinner

We went to eat dinner but the place we had in mind was closed. So we went to another place. Ricky was the one that was hungry though we ordered at the same time his food didn't come when ours did. He ordered congee with thousand year old egg. We joked that they were making the egg and that 999 more years to go. When he asked they said it was coming but when he asked again they were sold out. Overall the meal i had was great and I wouldn't mind going again.

Next it was back to my place. When I got back it was getting late so my uncle made me take a shower. While I took a shower they casually played cards and watched the royal wedding. When I was done I suggested we play some poker but they wanted to watch the wedding. I should mention they are males -.-
It was getting late so they went home. 

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