Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another update

9 March 2010

I haven't blogged for a while because I really couldn't be bothered sitting up at my computer for a few hours to type but I woke up early today and didn't feel like doing the usual thing I do and youtube on the iPhone in bed. So what is it that I do all day? I just sit around watching videos on youtube, playing angry birds and carcossonme on the iPhone and playing some magic online. Occasionally I would be on facebook or msn but I tend to think faster than I type and it is more evident nowadays for me so rarely do I want to have lengthy conversations on the netbook.

I know, I keep complaining about the netbook keyboard being too small and the keys being too close together so its hard to type on it properly. I have decided on getting either a sony vaio or a macbook purely based on the keyboard on these laptops. I have thought about getting an external keyboard for the netbook but another keyboard kind of defeats the purpose of a laptop since it won't be as portable.

This saturday is a team event at good games and I am attending it more details are in Eliza's post below:

A long time Magic player Jacky Dang is battling a disease called Adrenoluekodystrophy (ALD). It affect your Neuro Motor Skills. There is no cure but treatment does prolong the patients life span.

Due to on going medical costs the fun raiser will benefit Jacky and his family money wise.
If you can't attend the fundraiser but would still like to help donations can be given in at any Good Games store.A prepaid credit card will be funded with the cash raised so Jacky can use it to pay for medicine etc.

Details of the fundraiser are as follows:
Good Games Sydney: 3 Man team event
$45 per team Legacy/Standard/Extended
11am start
A auction will also take place with cards etc up for grabs.

What else to add? Hmm I have trouble sleeping till the morning now too. In the past few days I have woken up at 5am or so. I want to blog about sunday (6/3/2010) but I don't remember the exact happenings of the day so it won't do it justice. I will try and briefly summarise the day.

The morning was spent with Almerick going to the church again but afterwards we went to the city good games store to do a draft. After that it was dinner time a small group of us went to eat at a “nearby” ramen restaurant. Then we headed our separate ways home. I ended up being rather tired from the walking and the entire day. You could say I was “out of mana” in my pool or not enough stamina. Overall I did enjoy the day out as I got to spend it doing what I enjoyed which was drafting and being able to hang out with the people I knew.

As for tomorrow and the rest of the week until saturday I will most likely be at home as uni has started and most of my friends are busy throughout the week.

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