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12 march 2011

ok this was the weekend of the fundraising event or magic teams at the card store in the city. It was nice to see the guys again. Overall the day was great. I guess I should start with the night before so I went to bed at 10pm or 11pm which is a tad on the earlier side, but the unfortunate thing was I woke up at 3am and couldn't leep by like 4am I was awake. I went onto my iPhone and facebooked abit to find Seney and Henry awake, tired of using chat I called Henry and we talked. Apparently I was talking a bit too loudly and was made aware several hours later in the morning.

Alright the saturday I had invited Allen to the event and he arrived at my place so we could go the city. We got to about 15 minutes away from my place when paul aka goddard texted me asking if he could go late and train it, Allen was so nice to turn the car around and head to Goddard's house to give him a ride to the store.

When we got to the city I had to call Almerick who was working at the store and let them know we were on our way to the store from the carpark as it took like 30 minutes or so at my pace. It was nice walking to there as we went past UTS on our way to the “Tunnel”.

At the store we sat at a table for the day and our opponents had to come to us as it would be troublesome if I had to walk to a table. I brought along my net book and the business cards I had printed for the blog and wanted to hand them out but it was easier if people just grabbed them.

I should mention that Javed, Norman and Jack won the team event. Congradulations to them they played well and won the day. As for my team we went 1-3 and didn't make the cut to top 4 regardless the team format is great fun as we rarely get to talk to the players of a game as they are playing.

While we waited for the finals to start, I busted out the netbook to do a mtgo draft with John watching and eventually playing. I like the process of drafting more than actually playing the draft out. I lernt a lot from watching John play as he was patient with his spells rather than how I played and used them right away. John made it to the finals where Hash took over and won it just before the battery for the netbook ran out.

We waited as a group of us was going to have dinner aftterwards. Boy was I tired when I finally got home at 11pm I went to brush my teeth and went to bed without even changing.

Obviously I want to thank a lot of the people involved with the event and these are just some of the people in no particular order
Allen – for agreeing to go to the event and for taking me there and back as well as taking the stuff back to the car and overall for looking out for me on the day.
Almerick – Operating the store although you said that you normally work that day it wasn't an ordinary day, Almerick promised to find me the legacy deck and aftter he got like halfway through the storm deck he couldn'rt find Lion's Eye Diamond so I played a deck from Graham instead. Again Almerick was the voice of the auctions and it worked out beautifully
Graham – for helping me track down the novel. Graham has always made me laugh at one pre release event for magic I had a necroskitter and he removed it calling it a 'necrowanker' not sure why but I remember that but thats all I remember about the day of the prerelease. Also he lent me the deck I played on the day which was the bant deck in legacy.
My Team – Hyok and Boney – We tried our hardest and failed the point is never to have tried (Homer Simpson). Only kidding I had a blast playing with you guys and the advice I give whilst it was bad you guys still listened to what I had to say although you guys should not follow it.
Hash – although when I asked you said “maybe” you got to the event and ate dinner with us and even brought along 2 others.
John – For looking out for me i.e. we can't go to havc dinner at X because of the stairs. John also showed me how to draft and explained some things to me. It seems we have a lot in common
Norman – I haven't been too close to Norman in the past though I do talk to him every time I see him . Thanks for everything that you do you are like a guardian. I don't know how to say it but I feel the kindness that radiates.

Everyone tends to make me laugh, maybe i'm just a cheerful person and like to hang around people that tend to make me laugh. So to everyone else thank you for making the event. Sorry I didn't prepare a speech or anything at the fundraiser.

I don't want to type too much as I'm lazy to do 'work' i've put off typing the blog entry all day . So why did I say that John helped me? Today Sunday (13.3.2011) I got into some 8-4s and made 2nd place 3 times in a row today which I think is a huge achievement.

I'm going to order the hard cover of Agents of Artifice aka the Jace novel and would expect it to arrive sometime in the week. Next Saturday I would like my book to be signed by the various guys at good games and I want to draft as well since I have the mbs booster box, also we can play the board game the store gave me. I have decided to play the board games with the other patients at the hospital when I get admitted. I had no idea who I was going to play with and as such didn't want the board games.

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