Monday, March 28, 2011

saturday the 26th

26 March 2011

On this day it was planned that I go to the city store to draft and play a board game (dominion). I , well my parents decided the night before that I should use the wheelchair rather than walking frame. I got picked up at around10.30am by Hyok and we were off to the city. When we got to the city Hyok wheeled me to the store and I walked up the stairs at the store using the rails while Hyok brought my wheelchair up. We had some lunch from McDonalds,the grand chicken I got tasted really good though eating it is messy. Then I taught Hyok how to play dominion and he really seemed to like it he wanted to play again but I was fine watching the magic games near me. He taught Pradeep aka Prads how to play it and then we played a game of it as we had time before the draft.

We got 8 people total for the draft. I ended up 2-1 losing in the finals to none other than Prads, I came 3/8 for that event. The draft was really fun.In round 1 I got to play against Almerick aka Almo and a string of luck gave me a wini well I should say a run of badluck for him. Round 2 I played against Surapat I only won because I had tons of removal for his blockers. The last round which I mentioned I lost was a close match. After the draft Boney arrived and I had some dinner, fast food again, this time a zinger burger from KFC. While I ate Jack got there. Hyok, Prads, Boney and Jack learned and played dominion while I watched and we waited for Hasharna aka Hash to get to the store.

Next we had an 'uber' draft. I didn't do so well and came last in that draft we did. I was too tired for more magic and we agreed to no more ordinary drafts for the night. We played some dominion and after that we wanted to play more, so we went to Jack's place which is close to the store. Before we left the city I got supper from McDonalds , this timea McChicken. What an unhealthy day ¾ meals I had was fast food.

At Jack's place we played two games of dominion and then we left his place. Hyok drove me home before he went home himself.

What a day I left my house at like 10.30am and didn't get home till about 3am. When I got home it was brush my teeth and straight to bed. I'll post up my sunday and monday later tonight.

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