Wednesday, March 30, 2011


29 March 2011

It was Tuesday time for my appointment with the rehab hospital or so I thought...

I left my uncle's place well now home at about 9am. After getting to the rehab place it was going to be quite a walk so I wanted to sit on the walker and get pushed. I should mention the walker has a seat, probably for when you get tired of walking. Anyway so I got pushed to the entrance and the entire thing fell over and I fell backwards as a result. 

From the accident I felt nauseous and vomited as a result.   Fearing a concussion the physiotherapist advised me to go to emergency at the normal hospital. 

At the hospital I bumped into the doctor that was responsible for getting me tested for ALD. It had been many years since I had an appointment to see him as I was no longer a child. I had some faintness and some shortness of breath, the doctors and nurses kept me at emergency. I eventually had a CAT scan and got cleared to go home. 

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