Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Business cards

1 March 2011

First day of the month and first day of Autumn. So today I had to wake up and get my own breakfast which was easy today just one steamed pork bun I could manage to heat it up in the microwave and bring it out to eat though if I have any soup based things for breakfast in the future I will not attempt it. So today was when I had to go centrelink to get assessed for a disability pension so off we went by car, my Dad drove and my mum accompanied me and she had previously applied for a carer's allowance. So depending on how I go with the assessment she would know the result of her application.

We arrived at like 9.55am with the appointment being for 10am so we need not wait in line and instead waited in the chairs until our name was called. In the meeting it was apparent that I had problems and the interviewer said I should've applied for a pension earlier and that the application should get approved. I didn't think applying earlier would be in my interest as centrelink wouldn't have approved it seeing as I had no symptoms at all.

The entire meeting lasted like 20 minutes and we were out of there I had to call my dad as there was no parking spaces earlier so he just went home. It is ok home is like a 5 minute drive to centrelink he had barely got any rest when I called him to pick us up. That leaves the rest of the day.

When I got home I tried to look for “the matrix” on youtube I couldn't find the actual movie and instead I found an old Jackie Chan movie that was dubbed in English I watched some of it got tired and went to my room to get some sleep. After an hour of napping I somehow ended up with a running nose from tnhe heat. When I woke I was thinking about the blog and if I had business cards I could hand them out to people. For the next few hours I designed some cards and they are up on facebook so check them out if you have me on it. If you don't the cards will look like the blog banner, I will have a picture of the final design in tomorrow's blog.

So after dinner at around 6pm I had planned to go for another walk. I tried to guilt Seney into going with me as she didn't ant to go today by making it sound like I was going alone. My mum wouldn't even allow it, in the end I went with my youngest sister (christina) and my mum. I like the walking frame as it means I hardly stumble with it as it offers overall support rather than just one side, I should buy one before I have to return this one.

As for tomorrow I have a free day so I will probably finalise the business card and placve an order for about 1000 of them.

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