Saturday, March 5, 2011

brief day

5 March 2011

Today was spent relatively doing nothing but a lot of pondering.

The first thing I did in my spare time today was read the information book that the doctor gave me about the bone marrow transplant. It really makes it sound like a complex procedure which it probably is, silly me thinking it was minor.

I finally got to see 'the matrix' as I got my sister to buy it for me at the shops. Itunes didn't have the first movie or I would've opted for a digital copy as the netbook doesn't have a dvd drive. I will purchase the 3rd movie too probably tomorrow.

I got to some thinking, am I having trouble sleeping because I am scared of waking up? Every morning I am scared because I tend to get worse every day. Is it the real cause of the problem i've been having with falling asleep? Or is it because I nap during the day so I can't get to sleep at night. Either way this is not a good thing for my health.

Nothing else interesting occurred during my day.

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  1. fair warning jacky 3rd matrix is a tiny bit disappointing