Sunday, March 20, 2011

walking woes

20 March 2011

Friday morning
Here's more of a detailed update. So I hurt my left foot I couldn't put any pressure on it, so that meant it hurt to stand. Went to see the physiotherapist, I think he was Mr Wang , it hurt so much that I gt carried downstairs in the morning in the house and then I was carried into the physiotherapist from the car by my dad.

Anyway at the clinic I was to undergo some electric therapy on my leg to ease the bruising. Think of it like a light flick because that's what it felt like for 30 minutes. Yes I got electric shocked for 30 minutes through 2 leads connected to my legs through some needles. After the shock therapy the doctor came back with bandages and a herbal pad. He twisted my toe and I could hear it crack and it hurt then he bandaged it up with the pad and it was done. Total time spent there probably 40 minutes. After that he gave my mum some medication to ease the bruising and told me to take them after lunch and dinner that day.

Saturday afternoon
well since my dad was working overtime during the day I went to the physio in the afternoon. Pretty much the same procedure occurred.

Sunday morning

Pretty much the same procedure occurred at the physio though we had to wait about 10 minutes. In the afternoon I got to hang out at my uncle's place while my family went shopping. Yes I loathe shopping around for things even though it could be cheaper doing so. I had some meds from the physio so I ate some lunch which my uncle made, bacon and egg roll, it was nice and tasty. I had brought my net book along which proved vital as his laptop had some virus and I needed to load avg from my net book onto an external hdd to use on the laptop. AVG failed to install so I had to resort to formatting the laptop which took longer. In the end I managed to 'fix' he problem. All in all its nice to know I can still do something helpful. Seems like I have been needing help more often now.

As for tomorrow more physio trip as he wanted to try some acupuncture to help with my walking.

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  1. Hope you get better ASAP.
    I see some inspiration from my titles :P