Monday, March 21, 2011


21 wednesday 2011

I was thinking about what my sister said earlier about the saying “its always in the last place you look” its a bit obvious that you'd stop looking for an item after you find it so its oin the place you look.

I'm getting worse as the days go on. I don't like waking up and discovering something else that I could do I can no longer do. For instance when I go to the bathroom for a number one I can no longer stand up as I concentrate on standing too much and cannot start the stream. Its troublesome to go to the bathroom a lot as it's upstairs so I try to only go when I have to. That means i'm rarely drinking a lot of water during the day, its only whn I stay upstairs in my room that I will drink plenty of water. All that will change when my family moves to a place with a dowenstairs bathroom. The actual condition doesn't sadden me but how it gets worse when I think that I got the hang of things.

So what is it that I do all day now? When I feel well enough I can play some mtgo on the netbook or the computer. But most of the day is soent streaming videos on youtube using my iphone some of the things I like to watch are dota commentaries, sc2 commentaries, wong fu stuff and random things. I get bored and tend to nap a lot of the time. I also watch tv a lot now as there really isn't much to do when I just lie on the couch.


  1. Don't you have to do the recommended walking?

  2. Sorry that sounded stupid, I don't mean in your current state. When your foot gets better I'll go with you on walks again.