Tuesday, March 29, 2011


27 March 2011

Having getting home and sleeping at like 3.30am I slept in and woke up at 1pm this time I actually slept rather than getting woken up at 9am for my medicines. I woke up and had some food then took my meds. I insisted on staying home and sleeping while he family went shopping. My younger sister, Fiona, was staying home to study but my mum fearing I would distract her said I had to go to my uncle and grandma's house. So I got ready to go, getting my laptop packed.

At my uncle's I ended up sleeping when I got to his place. When I woke up I tried to move and slipped off the sofa onto the ground. I decided at that point well the other night to move over and stay there as the bathroom is downstairs since its a one story house. So I got driven home and asked my sister, Christina, to help me pack for a few days as I could easily get more later since my home is close to where I would move.

After dinner at home and a quick shower it was time to go. I had a teary goodbye since it was the first time I would sleep elsewhere with no intention of returning. I think i'll skip on monday and the next post will be about tuesday.When I moved Goddad became the first visitor as i called him to play the board game (dominion) I was given the other day. Allen came over later to visit and play the board game.

So i moved in with my uncle Keanu as going up and down the stairs is both dangerous (i could fall) and tiring.

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