Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BBQ Sunday

The BBQ 

A huge thanks to my mum for buying everything for the BBQ.
A huger thanks to uncle hai for bringing the grill, marinating the meats and cooking.
A very huge thanks to my uncle Keanu for letting me host a BBQ, setting up the seating and food, and for cleaning up. 
Lastly, thanks all for coming

One of my fears from the BBQ came true, I would have food leftover for the next week. Everyone went for the sausages so there's none left. 

I had nothing to be scared of. I found  out later that uncle Keanu already went to the neighbors and told them we were having a BBQ and could be loud. 

Sorry most people had to leave at 10pm. It was getting late and I needed to sleep. I would've invited more people but it was getting crowded

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  1. Thanks for inviting us over Jacky! We had a really great time. Were you tired enough to get any sleep that night?