Monday, April 18, 2011

Sad saturday

16 & 17 April 2011

On the Saturday I was meant to go to the dinner event. I had changed my clothes and had organized a way back home for the night.v Then as I was about to leave it started to rain. I changed back and was upset so i stayed in bed. Now I should explain that I can't afford to get sick as I have to be healthy for the bone marrow transplant (bmt) since being sick will mean that they can't go ahead with it. I didn't do much that night I had called and asked my friends to come over after dinner. But they finished at like 9.30pm, it was getting late and I needed to sleep not to mention the neighbors complained about noise and my uncle and this place got a letter from management to keep the noise down. This is so lame as we tried to be quite anyway eg only ever having the tv turned to a audible volume, whispering at night and etc
They should've just confronted the people being loud but no, instead they went to management. 
So Saturday was pretty much uneventful as I couldn't go anywhere because of the rain. 

Sunday I was meant to go out to cube draft but it was a cloudy day and I was feeling tired so I had to call it off and instead they had to come over later in the day. This is my schedule for an ordinary day

6am wake up
6:10 do my leg exercises
7:30 blog/play on iPhone 
8:30 ask uncle to have breakfast made while it's made i brush my teeth
8:40 eat breakfast
9:10 do anything 
12:00 ask uncle to have lunch made
12:15 have lunch
13:00 do anything, usually tv
17:00 eat dinner
18:00 do anything, again it's usually tv
22:00 shower with help from my uncle
22:30 brush my teeth 
22:40 sleep

Of course there's bathroom time when I need to go. I snack in between meals sometimes too full for lunch. 

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