Thursday, April 7, 2011

Moving, slowly

6 April 2011

Nothing really eventful. I woke up at 8am despite arriving home late but I was tired so I went back to sleep, it takes me some time to fall asleep yet I tend to be a light sleeper so I get woken up at times. I woke again at 11 ish time to get up. 

I had some bacon and eggs with toast for 'breakfast'. Then i sat down and did some blogging to catch up on the past days. My mum came over to keep watch over me. While my uncle moved some unneeded things to the new place. 

I have not seen the new place yet but am excited about it. It's not far from my current home so not too far from my family. I will take some pictures of it but will be without the net for a few days. 

At night after a shower I played words with friends over the net with my sisters. I lost as I kept 'q' and 'u' tiles in my hand. 

I slept after the game as I got sleepy. 

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