Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday gathering

5 April 2011

It was yesterday so I should remember it. The morning was like any other. At around lunch my mum came over to look after me while my uncle had to take granny to sign a new lease. It was for a few hours till it was time for me to leave for a gathering. I ate before we left the house as my uncle had to drive me there.

It was to play some magic for a few hours. People were late to arrive so we (Ronny, Neil and I) played a game of 'dominion'. The social gathering was among magic players that were known to Tony (who I met at the fundraiser auction).
Ronny who I had met a few years back when I started magic helped me get in the house from the car and from the door to the play area.
There I met some other people and to my surprise and delight a friend from uni who turned out to be Tony's workmate. In the end I came near last. Tony ended up winning the cake he bought for the winner of the event. It was time to leave and Tony ended up driving me home. Thank you Rony For helping me. A big thanks to Tony for taking me home. Thanks to Neil for hosting the gathering.

When I got home I was exhausted and went to sleep as I got into bed.

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