Friday, April 1, 2011

April fools day

1 April 2011

Since yesterday was uneventful i will instead blog about today. Today is Friday Friday and tomorrow is Saturday :)

My folks came over this morning. After they left I went to nap again as i was tired and felt a little unwell.

Meals seem to taste good here though the portions leave me feeling over full. I don't like the feeling so I usually try and eat till 90%. This was dinner:
it was a seafood stir fried noodles. In the future i'll upload on faebook so friend me if you want to see them.

Wilson came over for a visit. It's nice talking to him. When he left i went to shower.

 My uncle has a wheeled bath chair and he brought it to my room. I would have to sit on it and get pushed to the shower. In the shower I now use a hose thing to actually put water on myself, I'll provide pics tomorrow.

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  1. Meals always taste better if home cooked at other's. I had the same feeling when I used to eat at my cousins'.