Friday, April 15, 2011

Info day

14  & 15 April 2011

The 14th was information day at westmead hospital. The folks came over at 9am to get me ready to go. I was tired that morning and had napped on the sofa after breakfast. 

The info session was very informative for me. The presentation was much like a uni lecture. I'm scared of the procedure to put a central line in my chest. 

When the info session was over we went to parramatta Westfields where I went to JB and browsed their DVDs to end up just leaving. Next I wanted to look for a novel but we couldn't find it in Westfields so I had to ask my dad to wheel me outside to another store. They had it, the tezzeret book which I wanted to give to Guisseppe as a going away present. He is going to migrate to France. 

My family and I had some Laos food Then I had to go home to sleep. I was so tired from the day. Which brings us to today. 

This morning I woke up at 7am and then I spent some time doing my leg exercises until breakfast. For breakfast I just had the usual, corn flakes and soy milk with jam. Im slightly lactose intolerant in that I can have 1-2 glasses of milk. while I can eat cheeses.

I spent my morning organising people to visit me today/tonight. I wrapped the present up it is hard work to get it looking good so I just did a rough job. No wonder places offer free wrapping during Christmas it is such a chore. 

At lunch time Guisseppe is coming over for a visit. If I could only go out by myself I would meet him for lunch. 
I type this now as I have some spare time.  Guiseppe played some magic and talked for a bit. 

Tonight after dinner we will be doing a team draft. 

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  1. You know what Jacky? Cheese is a fermented product of milk, bacteria ferment lactose into other products and then it turns into cheese, that's why you can eat cheese :P I learnt this at uni.