Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New place :)

12 April 2011

Sorry that I couldn't post updates because I didn't want to use my mobile net to do so. This post will include lots of photos instead waiting for the wifi.

I am feeling very happy now that I have a change of environment and it is far safer for me to move around on my own though my uncle Keanu insists that he supervise me in case I do fall. He said I had gotten stronger in my legs so hopefully it's true as I begin my daily exercises.

My friends can come over to visit me which is nice but they are typically free only towards the end of the week.
My friend Wilson gave me some stuff to read. So many things I want to read but I am a slow reader so it will take me some time.

So many things to re blog but I don't have the stamina or the time to type it all up. I have typed up the answers to an interview that Anna had to do for uni. So with her permission I will upload the assignment later on in the week.

I went outside to the front to get some morning sunlight. I enjoyed the warmth and my pale colored skin can darken.  I think I will do this every morning as I feel much better afterwards.

I want to upload photos of my dinner but fb doesn't let me upload them and I hate using my net book as I first need to connect my phone, find the file and then browse for it through fb. I just cbf doing it. So apart from today I don't want to show pics of my dinner unless the fb app works.

As promised here are some photos.
Apart from the front it looks so much better in the morning.
How I get around now
Where I sleep

The lounge room

My uncle Keanu and the kitchen

Random things that happened in the last few days
  • For dinner or more so lunch I had kfc over the weekends
  • Friends visited me and we played poker
  • Friends visited and we played dominion
  • My relatives came over
  • My uncle Eric and his family came from interstate
  • I asked the speech therapist for exercises
  • I got some leg exercises from the physiotherapist