Sunday, April 3, 2011

Exhausting day

2 April 2011

A tiring day was had by me. It was Belinda's 21st BBQ at a park. Wilson came over in the morning before we left for Bel's. Lo and Seney came by as well to chat a bit before it was time to leave.

The BBQ was awesome fun too bad we had to leave early to go to a dinner. Her cake looked awesome and it was tasty too. I didn't want to get too full as we had a dinner. 

We (wilson,Lo, catherina, Seney and I) needed go to jacqueline's house for a housewarming where she cooked us dinner. She lives like an hour drive away though I was asleep for most of the trip there and back.
The stew she cooked was so nice tasting to me, it was juicy and tender. After the dinner we played a gory game on the xbox called 'limbo'

As for sunday I am going to write the blog later on. 

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