Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday rehab

4 April 2011

It's Monday again. This day I had an appointment at Braeside hospital for rehabilitation. I thought it was like the other times (i.e 9.30) but it was earlier this time at 9:00.

At the appointment the speech specialist was absent as she was sick (I hope she gets well). So i met with the physiotherapist and the occupational Therapist. With their assessment of my wheelchair they decided that it was too big for me and decided to find one that was right for me. So I got loaned one to see if its the right one. they also wanted to see my daily bed routines and suggested ways to improve it.
This is how I get around the house:

not the safest but temporarily its decent.

The next appointment is on next Monday so hopefully they can help improve my life now.

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