Thursday, April 28, 2011


I didn't think i needed this but I hate typing out the same things. Without anymore distractions, here's some Q and As:

How old were you when you were first diagnosed?
I was 9 years old

How old are you now?
I am now 20 years old. Dob 15.6.1990

What symptoms do you have?
Muscle weakness
Lower limbs being weak
I cannot walk alone more than 2m
Problems with my bladder and bowels - I find it hard to initiate
Speech problems - difficulty pronouncing some words
Mild swallowing issues - I eat slower now to combat this. 

Who do you live with?
I am living with my uncle and grandma as it got dangerous for me at home to go upstairs and downstairs. 

Describe your family. 
I am the eldest child of three ( I have two sisters)
I have a mum and dad
I was born in Australia to my parents who are vietnamese migrants 

What is your nationality?
I grew up learning Cantonese and I know a bit of vietnamese not good enough to speak it. I got schooled in australia so I'm best at english. 

 Wait didn't you say your parents are from Vietnam? 
Yes, but they come from Chinese families.

What is the extent of your education?
I finished year 12
I was in my 3rd year studying B Business/B science in IT at the university of technology, Sydney when all this happened. This would've been my final year  

What do you do in your spare time?
Watch tv
Play on iPhone 4
Make phone calls
Use netbook

How do you get around?
I use a wheelchair

What do you type on?
My iPhone 4

If there are more specific questions you can comment below or pm me on fb. 

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