Friday, February 4, 2011

another movie and some mtgo

4 February 2010

today I woke up at about 8.30am, I was going out to watch a movie with a friend at Liverpool for the 1.30pm session which was about a 10 minute drive from my place so around if I got picked up at 1pm it would be fine.

Getting to Liverpool from my place took longer than usual as there was a car accident on the Hume highway so we got to Liverpool westfields at like 1.30 which meant getting into the cinema at 1.40pm or aboouts. The movie we saw was the green hornet and like the times before I didn't really care what the movie was but the movie was good. You should definitely go see it, the 3d effects were really good unlike in Avatar (which I also watched in 3d).

following the movie we had some lunch at the food court, I only had some fries and a dr\ink as I was not hungry at all. I got to talk to my friend more which was awesome to me. We then walked back top where we had parked and got lost in the shopping centre for a little bit since we didn't remember the exact path we took in a rush t the cinemas, we finally got to the correct exit and then we were confronted with 'up' or 'down'. Did we go up or travel down when we got there? Luckily for me he went said that he can find out first by going and I waited by a pillar. I forgot to tell him to call me when he got down to save the trip back.

So after the movie he came over and we played some mtgo, a draft that we failed and lost in the first round of the 8-4 oh well. Next I suggested we play some constructed with the rug list I was playing. The first 2 man was a mirror and we won it. The next match was harder as we faced valakut ramp, we lost the first through thinking in an aggressive mindset he suggested we take out the 4x mana leak the only counter we have in the deck, it was a good decision in the end. We lost that match although according to him we should've won and I was being too nice to the opponents by not thinking correctly eg. Playing cultivate when I had enough to bounce, replay and pay for mana leak for the acidic slime in play this was the 'mirror'. In the match against valakut it was even at 1-1 and in game 3 I was on the verge of winning when misread something. Jace, the mind sculptor fate seal or +2 ability “do you want to place the card at the bottom?” I clicked “no” when I should've clicked “yes” so I threw it away as the card in question won him the game. I think I read it as “do you want to put the card at top?” oh what a loss since I just gave the win away.

I have decided to go fishing tomorrow on the BBQ boat though it will be hot I think that I would enjoy the company of the people, tomorrow's post (5/2/2011) might be long as I do want to write about it in detail I suppose. My friend is working tomorrow so he is not available for the fishing trip and he said that it was not his thing anyway if he was free.

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  1. im glad you guys had a good time! looking forward to your fishing trip post! I havent done much fishing, but I'd like to think its my thing since I'm interested in it? :P