Tuesday, February 15, 2011

doctor;s and mtgo

15 February 2011

I woke up at 8am this morning for the family doctor's which I agreed to go to today.

At the doctor's he said I should do some water based exercises to increase my co-ordinatiom we also asked him about applying for a disbabled permit and for centrelink so I can change from a study allowance to a disabilty pension. For these things we would need to go to the places and get the forms and then back to the doctor to fill his section on the form. That means I will be going to the doctor's next week aswell.

So we went to fairfield RTA to get the form, I wanted to get my proof of age card, there was an attendant there who said I would need to fill in a seperate form to the Ls permit that I previously applied for. So I can get my proof of age card and the disability parking permit sometime next week when I go to the RTA again.

I didn't go to cetrelink, hopefully I do not need to go as I don't like going and waiting in line.

After I got home from the RTA I asked for my netbook which was upstairs. When I got it I turned it on (obviously) then I played some mtgo, I won 2 of the 2-mans that I played. Then I went on to sell the boosters that I won to enter the daily standard event. I should have a brief event report below:

round 1 lost– this was against boros. This guy didn't want to lose to collar so he had manic vandal which was a good 2 for 1. Adventuring gear for the opponent was nasty for me.

Round 2 -won – now this person was playing mono green elves for me it meant no removal for cobras. People online tend to be ethugs, this was the 7+ guys that have taken rage when we played all unprovoked by me I might add, these people are so angry. I played jtms and he made a remark that any deck wit jtms thrown in can be good, the options on this planeswalker makes him good. In game 2 when he had the win he over extended by playing wolfbriar elemental kicked like 6 times. I had D-force in hand and 5 lands in play and 2 lands in hand, sigh I just needed 1 more turn to completely clear the board and then it would be 3 cards to 0. anyway the picture of a remark he made is below. He was not playing the “best” deck and I wasn't playing tbe “worst” deck it was a regulr RUG deck.
 He also said i was being ani his deck which is not true as RUG tends to prey on creature based decks

Round 3 – lost . This was against UB control I won game 1 so I needed another win which I thoght was looking good as I had the gaea's revenge in tbe sideboard.

round 4 – win. It didn't matter at this stage being 1-2 so the opponent didn't show up and he lost the round after 10 minutes.

So in the end I had a score of 2-2 which is fine. I'm just happy I didn't play against any valakut ramp decks. On mtgo the v ramp archetype is played so often as the deck is relatively a solitaire deck.

In the next few days or so I will go to the swimming pool then.

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