Thursday, February 3, 2011

movie and more

3 february 2011

Today a friend brought me to see tangled, the reppunzel movie, to be honest I didn't really care what we saw aslong as I had not seen it before. He got over to my place at 12 ish and the session time was at 12:30pm I was napping earlie from like 9am so when he called at 11.30am I got ready I was out the door by the time he got to my place, how timely .

anyway at the cinemas, at parramatta, we arrived at like 12:45pm so we got to miss the commercils and the first few mins of it, not a huge loss as it was not one of those movies where the start was important to the story. When we got to the theatres an usher helped me to my seat as walking down some steps unaided or witjout rails seems hard for me and she said she used to be a nurse. The movie itself was enjoyable, you guys should go see it though it was kind of times but it was inteended for kids . At one stage I moved my legs to straghten myself in seat and my right leg got numb, the feeling dissappered after like 5 minutes or less so I reallly took no notice of it.

Walking in the shopping centre I almost fell down the escalator, going up is not a problem though but down could be to be safe I shall take the lift down from now on. I did't really mention it, when I left my mum told me to bring the walking stick and said isten to me amd your uncle, don't fall down and hurt yourselfthough I feel the walking stick hinders me more when I walk. Also my mum told me to not walk as fast and take smaller steps, I like to take larger steps as it covers more distance quiicker. It made me feel emotional when I heard it and as such in the car and meeting my friend I was abit teary yes I get emotional so easily, if only I was stronger.

So after the movie we had some lunch, I had a kebaab meal which my friend helped me to buy. I ate some of the chips as he was getting a drink from Boost juice, the chips were good maybe even the best I have had. I didn't start on the kebsb till later on, I managed to eat half of it until the wrapping started to tear and my hands would get the sauce on it. I tear the wrapping as I eat a kebab rather than push the kebab up the wrapper, maybe I should push it up from now on. So I got half way through it when I asked my friend to go back to the store and ask for a fork and plate. I then ate the insides of it starting with the meat but it was so salty so I ate the salad with it (lettuce, tabouli, onions, tomato) he had to go throw it away for me when I was done with it. I had some coke cola with the kebab and afterwards I finished the rest of the can before we left. Already it is hard for me to balance whilst holding things making it harder to walk.

We left the shopping centre ay around 3:15pm, I then phoned my sister to ask what they wanted from McDonalds as we were going past one on the way back. I wanted a drink at \McDonalds and this caused him to use the buy one get one free voucher. The McDonald's didn't have froze n coke so we decided raspberry was fine then at the drive thru collection they didn't have frozen raspberry so we were given strawberrry thickshakes instead. When I got home I finished the milk shake whilst striking conversations on my computer over msn I turned on the airconditioning too.

After the computer I went to lie on my bed and got tired so I napped abit. When I woke up I was thirsty and dehydrated so I drank 600ml of water in one go I suppose. The next part can make people sick but I will spare the graphic details. I had an upset stomach and I wanted to figure out what it was that upset my stomach. After some thinking and consulting with my friend that went to the movies earlier that it was a lactose intolorent thing where I had a large amount of the milkshake. Established that I can take it in smaller amounts, I feel relieved in a way.

Needless to say I did not play mtgo today, as I was not at home. Many people seem to be concerned that I might be bored at home but obviously I am not so if I don't do anything i'm more than happy staying at home where I can read, play mtgo, youtube etc
I have started asking friends to view the blog well more of people that need to know about it, so if I ask and you have seen the blog be happy that I want you to know and view it. Also if I haven't asked you to view it I hope you are not offended as I did make the blog to spread the word.
Ok I have decided to update it at night time rather than the next morning as wakijng up time doesn't even matter as much, expect the posts to be at around this time.

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