Saturday, February 5, 2011

fishing trip

5 February 2011

So I will see the bone marrow transplant doctor on 10.2.2010 and then I will go into the hospital sometime in the week starting 14.2.2010. Knowing about the fishing trip and the need to wake up early for it I slept at about 11pm and woke up at about 5.30am this morning. Today I went fishing with some friends which meant leaving our area at 6.30am to get to the Hawkesbury by 8.30am. So I got picked up at 6.20 and we (the 2 cars) met up before leaving for the Hawkesbury river area.

All in all the boat was hired for 8 of us and we picked up the bbq boat at the boat hire centre which a friend pre booked and had to leave a small deposit. I brought along the walking stick as the ground would be unstable. I didn't take the walking stick with me from the car.The wharf leading to the boat had no rail or guard and I was scared of falling into the water so I had to ask a friend to walk with me to the boat where I could hold onto his shoulder for some support whilst walking.

Once on the boat we had to take some time to get to the fishing spot, I got motion sick or bored and tired so I used my iPhone and listened to a podcast of Hamish and Andy while I closed my eyes and slumped back against the boat, resting a bit. So we got to the fishing spot and then we anchored the boat and began fishing. Everyone else caught a fish except me, oh well, I enjoyed having conversations more with my friends and would engage in conversations either 1 on 1 or a group conversation with 3-5 people.

At about 1pm we decided to move fishing spots so we had to take the anchor up in order to move however the anchor was stuck an we tried to go in all directions and pulling the anchor up as we moved so we were stuck and after 2 hours of trying to get unstuck we decided to give up and then continue to fish in the same area. I felt like I couldn't help and whether with this illness or not having only been with them to fish once before (which I caught nothing) it would've been more of a hinderence than help. So after 2 hrs and consulting with the boat hire place we agreed that we would each pay a little more in order to cut the anchor rope.

A friend caught 2 fish but they were too small so he had to let them go and if he caught a third one we would call him the “fish pedo” since he only likes the little fish xD. So when he managed to catch a third small fish he gained the nickname of “fish pedo”.

Today was rather hot so I drank like 4L of fluids on the boat and I applied some sunscreen before the trip and a few hours into the trip. Damn it was sunny I wish I had brought a hat or sunnies for the trip. The breeze was a welcomed relief whenever it happened.

The fishing trip was pretty awesome although tiring in a way and having to put up with the heat. When we were ready to leave we had to cut the anchor with a knife. I took some photos on my iphone whilst we headed back to the boat hire centre and the wharf.While taking the photos I stepped back from the side of the boat to make sure I wouldn't accidently drop my phone into the river. The trip back took about 45 minutes. I took the following pictures:

We had some food left over from the fishing trip so it was back to my friends house for a BBQ dinner which was originally meant for 15+ people, yes we had that much food remaining. So during the boat ride back to the wharf we began calling people to ask if they would like to come to a BBQ dinner.

At the dinner which a total of 8 people attended, we were left with 6 for the actual dinner as 2 people had to leave early and couldn't wait for the BBQ food. My girlfriend was slightly hungry so I suggested she eat a pie in the meantime as a snack but she said she didn't like pies. I was a little hungry too (it had been 5 hours or so since I ate) so I asked her to make a potato pie and she could eat the top part which was all potato and I would eat the rest of it. She agreed to it and went to heat the pie in the microwave she ate the top parts using a fork, I later said “what are you doing? You're eating the whole thing I lied about being slightly hungry”. I ended up eating the rest of the pie as I was actually a bit hungry.

I hope that I can see most of my friends soon though although I know that they are sometimes busy with other things.

During he dinner we had some interesting conversations about other food and we continued to talk after the dinner. We left at around 10pm and I got home at 10.15 and began writing the blog at like 10.30pm I also checked my emails and facebook and found the message about attending church group with the friend I went to watch “the green hornet” with yesterday. Looks like I have something to do tomorrow (Sunday 6.2.2011) =]

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