Saturday, February 19, 2011


18 February 2012

I won't talk much about today, I had said that I would go swimming but I'll do it tomorrow afternoon. I hate going swimming the changing after wards is a pain as well as getting out of the pool and gathering your things and going to the change rooms.

So I played more online poker, so annoyed I was up like $30 but then I made a loss of $160 so overall I'm making a loss. I guess I'm not good at this game at all =/. at this rate I won't be able to play much next week since I said I would not despo10 sit anything further. As for playing some mtgo I did a draft today and misbuilt the deck, oh dear I see a pattern here. I'm no good at these games, give it a week and I'll probably be sick of losing in them.

I had a diner gathering at Pho An it was at Bankstown guess what I ordered. Pho ! Who would have guessed that from the restaurant name. Anyway after the dinner we had some conversations and it led to Allen saying something that I had found really funny it almost brought me to tears from laughter it was about the Pokemon centre in Japan and then he said “bring a dead rat there and get nurse joy to revive it and say 'help it fainted'”. We then moved outside of the place to discuss  what to do next and I stumbled and fell down. It didn't hurt or anything and it didn't bruise me at all. How did I stumble? I'm trying to figure it out but it doesn't matter as it was no big deal.

As for Saturday, I will have to go swimming as I have been trying to avoid going to it. Also Eliza is taking me to play some board games with them. I could practice magic with Kenny as the PTQ is on the Sunday

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