Thursday, February 3, 2011

chinese new year

2 february 2011

happy chinese new year =] “gung hei fat choi”

Morning guys I woke up at 8am today, sweatinA, it is so hot geez why is it like this here when other places are experiencing cold weather disasters.oh I don't sleep with the aircon on btw as I don't want to catch a cold from it Yesterday wasn't much of a family re union like I had thought in previous years. Must be because the other times my grandpa was around to gather everyone to the dinner nonetheless dinner was tasty I suppose. It was just me, my mum, my 2 sisters, my aunt, uncle and grandma for the dinner.

Ok so I left my plaace at 5.30pm or so we got picked up by my uncle amd I brought my walking stick, oh how I loathe using it since I don't know how to use it and trip over it at times. To me using the walking stick or cane is like admitting I can't walk alone. People around me are constantlty scared that I would fall and hurt myself, I do fear that but walkimg alone does mkake me feel happier in a way. Anyway back to the dinner, so today was so hot and my uncle's place didn't have the aircon, geez i'm spoilt since there is one in my room. To keep myself cool I resorted to using as little emergy which was to watch some sc2 commentaries on my iPhone. I looked at the 2 unit work my sister was doing and at this time she would know more about trig than I can recall though I do remember the derivitve of tan is cot. Ah we then had dinner at 6.30 or so. After eating I tried to keep cool further by eatintg some watermelon. I got tired at about 7.15 and then went to nap on my uncle's bed.

I don't know when but I woke up at like 8.45 my aunt and her shildren were over though for abit. I told the eldest cousin there about my blog and he told me that he read the previous note on facebook which was nice I suppose.

9.30pm was hometime for me so we got driven back home, the 4 of us. Upon leaving another Aunty's family came to visit but we were leaving so I only got to see my cousin for a few mins. Anyway I got home and to my computer and room at 9:45-10pm then I had a fb coonversation with my cousin that had to leave at 9pm and some friends about this blog and a few others about other things but this was over facebook.

At 11 or earlier I signed into msn and began writing this blog entry obviously the first paragraph was not written last night as I had no idea when I was going to wake up.hmm I don't really enjoy reading novels as much, so I don't thnk I will continue to do it.

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