Wednesday, February 9, 2011

some achievements

9 February 2011

Well I'm writing this as some of you know I have a dinner tonight at the outback steakhouse which I don't think I'd need to blog about. I will however share some things I would like to accomplish in the next year or so

  1. attend the GGs 3 man team event on 12/3/2011
    this is of course if i'm not in the hospital at the time. I have the team in mind for it and will be organising the deck that I will play
  2. watch a friend in the top 8 of a premier event
    I know I probably can't dol it myself so the next best thing is for a friend to be in one this year
  3. Go to GP Brisbane
    This year its constructed standard and I really want to play in it since I went to GP Melbourne in 2009 for a sealed GP. The experience of a large event is good.
  4. go to nats
    As with the past 2 years I want to go to Australian nationals for mtg whether I can grind in is probably out of the question as I do not want to wait in line to register.
  5. Attend worlds
    I know this year worlds for mtg is in San Fran, well the states and it is unlikely tht I would go to it anyway however if it is close then I would go like in 2004 it was at fox studios
  6. play in regionals
    This one i'm sure that I can accomplish. I haven't looked at when its on but I will be going to it regardless (well there are some exceptions) I think I failed badly last year. It might sound cliché but the experience of it was pretty awesome.

Wow my goals are magic related so far and there are only a few people that can help me with those. Here are some other goals which aren't magic related:

  1. For all my friends to be healthy for the year or longer
  2. Purchase jace and chandra novels (I guess this one is magic related)
  3. Win a poker tournament
  4. Go on a hot air balloon trip
  5. Catch a fish (nah just kidding, I had my chance)
  6. Win a number in roulette

I should elaborate on the number in roulette, not being a gambling man I don't play it often. At crown casino in 2009 I had $20. I was on a table with 2 other guys they out all their money on aq number aqnd won it was the number 12. they won 36 to 1, I had wished I did that as I consider 12 to be a lucky number, what did I do instead? I put my money on a colour and won 2 to 1 good but not great.
there you have it a simple list of achievements though there will be more as I think of things I would like to do.

In the meantime, what have I been doing? Playing carcassonne on the iphone man this app cost $12.99 I think but its worth it not having to clean up the pieces afterward. The other thing I've been playing is monopoly on the iPhone which was a $2.99 app or something. Both of these games seem to keep me from being really bored as I tend to just lie in bed.

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