Sunday, February 27, 2011

church again

27 February 2011

there was nothing planned for Saturday so I stayed at home. I tried to play some DotA on sat, but failed somewhat miserably, I kept losing control of my hero and struggled to scroll on the screen correctly and mistiming of spells on the hero so sad that I had to work out the game wasn't for me.

Another thing I did was play some pokerstars and because I got impatient going all in on A 10 suited I lost the last remaining funds in the account so that's that, no more poker. In the end Saturday proved to me that I can't play dota or poker and thus I should just quit them.

I forgot to mention the button thing when I had dinner on friday so heres an exert as told by Seney:
noticed one of Henry’s shirt buttons undone and everyone actually noticed it too. Almerick wasn’t too sure if it was on purpose so he didn’t say anything. As dinner progressed, the unbuttoning process continued to two buttons undone. Okay… at this rate I looked at Almerick and he was laughing and then I lost it and laughed too. Then Gillian was also laughing. I was doing so well at keeping a straight face earlier! (Apart from smiling at my food a few times). Jess told Henry about it and while he was buttoning up, Anna kept trying to undo them again saying “it looks nice!”.  LOL

On sunday Alermick took me to church however we didn't arrive in time for the sermon or morning service, not to worry as I would've gotten bored or yawned during it. I slept at about 2am on saturday nightr and got woken up because I heard my ringtone on my iPhone in my dream and then I woke up to check on it in real life, sigh* what was I thinking? Who would call at that time anyway (please don't c all me to prove me wrong) . I looked at the phone time it was 3.15am I think it took until 4am for me to get to sleep again. Anyway we arrived in time for the Sunday school but it wasn't to start for 30 minutes so I got to playing some mtg with Robert (aka the jund kid) When we had class I went with Almerick to his class and Robert was in the same one too. Almerick toold mew tthat after church we would go to Gillian's place and play saome borad games and watcch Toy Story 3. I haven't seen it yet. After they did the class work we had 30 minues or so until lunch s what did we do? We played more magic. Then we went for lunch downstairs in the chruch, there Almerick got the lunch and while we were eating he invited Angela aswell to go and hang out at Gillian's to watch Toy Story 3. After lunch we headed upstairs again to play some more magic and I made a deal with Robert about what we were playing for. We only managed 2 games but he won them so as agreed I would donate some money to the church its ok I was going to do it anyway.

We then left for Gillian's place. Almerick suggested I call Seney and ask her if she would like to come, She was at Burwood at the time and Almerick said we can pick her up later from the nearby train station to Gillian's place. We played some more magic while we waited for Seney at Gillian's place while Gillian took a nap. After we got Seney we played some carcossonme with the 4 of us this tine. I ended up winning-by 1 point, yay for me, though if I had lost by 1 point I would've been mad since I did forgo getting 4 points for a road or something earlier in the game. Angela came soon after and then Almerick had to go across the road to rent Toy Story 3. We ended up watching it upstairs as Gillian's parents were hosting people from the church and it would get noisy downstairs. We watched the movie but midway through we got called for dinner so we had to put the movie on pause while we went to eat.
*spoiler alert* I really thought the toys were going to get incinerated at the rubbish tup. The ending got me abit teary eyed when Andy talked about Woody as he was giving it away. If I were to rate the movie it would be an instant 5/5 definitely worth watching.
Almerick drove Seney and I home as it was getting late and he had an early start for university. Dear me uni starts tomorrow though I did defer the semester so its quiet ok for me to sleep whenever as I could easily nap it off. Like my other post I have made up my mind that I will defer this semester and most likely withdraw from the degree next semester.

As for tomorrow, (Monday 28.2.2011) I will go to Braeside hospital to do some rehabilitation with “the team” of doctors. My condition is probably worse now today every time that i wanted to walk unaided by Almerick i said "i got this" and next thing you know i would stumble *sigh

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