Friday, February 25, 2011

farewell dinner

24 February 2011

I'm writing this today as I was worn out after the dinner and I just went home and went to bed. For those that are new to the blog I think you should read the first post “the truth”. I had no idea these blog entries were so long as I type them in open office writer and then copy + paste it. Last night I went to the blog on my iPhone to find the post as a friend didn't know about me (I haven't seen him in years) and rather than tell him I thought it better if he read it.

Lo Tech planned a dinner this was his farewell dinner before he had to head to Orange for his university as it was starting up again next week. Dinner last night was a good experience, I got to talk to some people about various things. Dinner itself was good, I got a T-bone steak but I needed Seney to help me cut it off the bone as I couldn't do it myself. I dropped the knife while I attempted it earlier so I asked her to cut it off the bone for me although she asked if she needed to cut it up I insisted that I can do it myself as long as it was off the bone, maybe next time I should order a steak without a bone.

I have deferred university for the next semester and I will most likely withdraw from the degree as I will not be able to the exams. Yes I know i'll probably need a scribe for it but I don't like dictating and I like to write on my own. If they let me type it up I don't think I can type as fast as I write.

The next step is another consultation with the cancer centre (they will be responsible for the surgery). I have decided to do what they recommend so based on the last meeting with them its either to do the bone marrow transplant or not to do it. I originally thought the procedure was simple but after the doctors explained it the procedure seemed more complex. The surgery carries a risk which the doctors had to reveal. If anything goes wrong they don't want to be liable for not telling me the risks.

As for tomorrow (26.2.2011) there is a BBQ at a park planned but it might not go ahead since there's not enough people.Either way I want to go to another dinner tomorrow night if at all possible.

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