Thursday, February 10, 2011

new netbook!

10 February 2010

I do he usual things in the morning, except my mum said they (my parents) were going to aldi to buy a netbook, I went to the site on the iPhone and saw the specifications for it, it was a good price for it. I had wanted a portable computer as I'm often tired of sitting up. The netbook is awesome =] it runs mtgo. I really like it besides the keyboard, its so small and my palms hit the trackpad when I type. Its only 1 day so maybe i'll get used to it.

Last night was the dinner thing and I scared my friends when I thought I could manage the few steps leading out to the carpark. I stumbled and fell into the bushes on the side so I didn't get hurt. The night was awesome though, thanks guys.

So I had got the netbook and was tinkering it to get it setup like the computer too bad there's no auto synchronise, or is there? Probably not worth it as it only took me three or so hours to download the programs and install them. The first thing was install firefox as I have grown used to this browser and the control that it gave me like it asks to run plug ins. I played around on the net book too long and soon it was 12.3pm which I had to get ready for m appointment.

I asked Lo Tech if he could take my mum and I to the hospital and that he was more than welcome to attend the appointment. We got to the cancer centre at the hospital, it was my first time going there, there was a long corridor and a nurse suggested I use a wheelchair and got it for me. At this point I was sad and cried because I wanted to walk it but they insisted I take the wheelchair. I was crying and I used the reason that I was scared to see the doctors.

When we got to the doctor's room we were greeted by two doctors one a professional in the field of bone marrow and the other a doctor specliasing in ALD. So we had a talk about the current situation. The future for me is undecided as the risk and reward of the bone marrow transplant is to be decided. I have an appointment at the cancer centre on 3/3/2011 so until then there are no immediate things that I can do and if bone marrow goes ahead it would be 1-2 weeks from then.

To me this seems awesome as I get another month or so to spend time doing things, the good games 3 man event sounds good and I can attend the PTQ which is extended and I have the deck for it =]