Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

14 February 2011

Today was Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine's to all. I didn't go to the family doctors cause I was busy watching the webcast of magic pro tour paris yesterday. So I guess I'll go on Tuesday (15th).

My cousins got me something from the temple, I don't know what its called in English, but I'll just call it a charm, it has proven to be lucky today and I shall talk about it later on. Here's what it looks like:

On magic today, because I didnt go anywhere in the day time, I played 8 games of magic constructed with the RUG deck and I won 7 of them. The draft deck (below) should've won the draft event.

So after dinner, I went to Seney's place and we watched some movies. Despite it being only two minutes away, they insisted that someone aide me on the walk there. What fail, I fell asleep during the first movie, it was some Chinese drama movie and it was pretty boring.

Then I went home and played another game of MTGO and that makes it 8/9 wins, not bad.

As for tomorrow, I will definitely wake up to see my family doctor and on Sunday I will be going to PTQ.

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