Friday, February 11, 2011

braeside hospital

11 February 20101

today I got woken up at 7.45am since I had an appointment to see a doctor at Braeside hospital at 10am. So by the time i got out of bed and got ready it was time to go.

I had to ask Lo Tech to take me again today, this time Seney came along as well as my mum. Boy I knew the illness was serious but I didn't know it was as serious as this. The doctor examined me, asked about the symptoms etc. She then referred me to see 4 other specialists at the hospital in addition to seeing her again in two months time. The entire appointment was about an hour long which seemed like a lot to me as normally appointments with the doctor usually lasts like 30. Then I we went home and I got dropped off at home.

At home I played some mtgo against valakut I lost ut what I didn't expect was a mirror match. Speaking of magic the friends in PT Paris aren't doing well in the event which is sort of disappointing I'll watch the webcast of the player of the year 2010 battle and will cheer for Brad Nelson.

Typing on this netbook keyboard is hard so I kept this entry short next time i'm using the computer

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