Monday, February 7, 2011


7 February 2011

today was relatively uneventful as I just stayed at home for the day which was fine by me. Today I woke up at around 10am but I didn't really get up until about 3pm napping and lazing around in bed watching youtube on the iPhone etc. anyway when I finally got up I went and did my usual morning routine. Oh I did eat a bit and drank my meds when I woke up at like 10am but it was in bed mydad brought food and the meds for me, how nice to have it in bed though I was careful not to drop anything as I was sleeping there later tonight.

So I woke up then when I had some time I got to the computer to have some conversations with friends over msn and a few over fb chat. I played some mtgo today as I didn't really want to gather the people for a team to play some dota. I played some mtgo using the rug control deck that I had been previously playing. I played 2 games one against quest white and the other against kuldotha red which I ended up losing as the match was based on how many removal spells I had. Turn 1 memnite + kuldotha, then turn 2 gonblin bushwhacker was 8 damage which is 40% of the starting life total.

I did manage however to ask some friends to a dinner on Wednesday evening, so sorry I couldn't invite everyone but evident from the auburn botanical gardens thing, the less people the better as I only get to talk to like 10% of the people that go in a large invite thing. I didn't really invite my girlfriend as I didn't really invite any girls so she would be the only girl, not that we are going to a guys place. Tomorrow will be likely similar to today, one word: plain, except I will call the restaurant up to make a reservation. In the future I guess on days like this I can blog about past days or just not write an entry.

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