Saturday, February 12, 2011


12 February 2011

I napped after dinner yesterday for around 5 hours, as a result of that I slept at 4am this morning man so bad being awake when everyone else in the house was asleep. I think regular sleep from now on will be nice.
So I awoke to my Uncle phoning my mum or something about reading this blog or knowing about the condition, I heard my mum cry and then while hearing some things it made me teary too. Ouch I'm so emotional at times.

So when I woke up I did the usual things of walk down the stairs such a workout for me, only kidding, though it has gotten harder to do as I have to hold onto the rails and go step by step and holding anything while I walk seems to unbalance me.

I wanted to go over to Seney's to spend some time with her but changed my mind as it was raining at the time and I didn't want any slips in the wet. So hopefully she is not too disappointed.

I mentioned the netbook in an earlier post. Wizards just released some viewing app of their webcast for the iPhone which kind of defeats the purpose of the netbook. I watched the player of the year battle *spoiler alert* brad nelson won 4-2. I watched the webcast from 7pm till it was over and decided I wanted to play some mtgo. Sad I lost the 2 games I played 1 when I was winning but ran out of time, oh well the first time it happened as I was using the touch pad, next time I should just connect a mouse.

In the future I do not want to go out when it is showering or the ground is wet as I could easily fall down in this type of whether. So if it rains tomorrow morning I would not want to go to the church and Almerick is still ill so it's ok. Tomorrow afternoon or night I originally had some dinner plans but I think I'll have to cancel them to go to my relatives place instead.

A friend, Victor, said that its ok the fall down as long as you get back up again, this seems cliche to me but I think it is true in that no matter the situation as long as you can remain normal or unchanged you should be alright.

Ok so I've given up on the no naming people thing on the blog so I can say that Almerick took me to see the green hornet and Lo Tech was the one that took me to see tangled.

There is so little to talk about that is noteworthy when I stay at home

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