Sunday, February 6, 2011


6 february 2011

I woke up at like 9am this morning to get ready for a friend to pick me up to go to his church. I'm not a religious person at all infact I have no religion though I do want to explore religious beliefs more before I really choose a religious view.

Yesterday (5/12/2011) I got to go fishing which was covered in my last blog entry, so I woke up ate and got ready to go he said he would be outside at 9.30 so I tried to get ready by then but I was running a bit late and called him to tell hm I would be 5 minutes so I got ready and then walked outside to wait for him but he was there already so I got in and off we went.

During the car ride to the church I expressed my desire and the worshiping fear I had. Which was that I would be seen as only being a devotee while it was convenient for me or when I needed the help which was not true. I had wanted to go to a church sermon thing before I had any symptoms but never got around to actually go as I didn't want to really express my desires with my friends.

At the church sermon I got a little emotional which my friend said it was perfectly fine. Some of the words really got to me and then thinking about past events as well. The part that seemed to get to me was when the Reverend mentioned how Jesus was asked by officials for identification and that he didn't have any instead he would just invite the people to his house and see how he lived etc. The reason I got emotional was because he then said about i8ts easy to spend time and have dinner with someone rather than to spend x amount of time living with that person. In a way this really hit home as friends can show their help during outings and such but they will never know what I'm experiencing every moment of the day.

Another friend asked me what it was like or the future. I said “if you know you would lose functions of your legs tomorrow, wouldn't you want to make the most of today” sadly I never got the option to make the most of it.

After the service the friend that brought me to church helped me upstairs for the Sunday classses that they had every week. I met another friend there (lets call him Bt) and the friend that brought me to the church (lets call him Al) knew the person as well, we talked for a bit before we had to go to the specific classes.

I don't really think you guys would want to read about my Sunday school experience, after the class we headed downstairs and once again Al had to help me down as I am terribly scared of falling forwards down stairs and as such will hold onto the railings on the stairs. In the hall area there were people eating, turns out that church goers cook and eat the food donated to the church.

Anyway AL's girlfriend was there and we met up with her after the lunch. She and her older brother were at church cleaning some things used for the a church ceremonial thing. The ceremony is held on the first Sunday of each week as I was told by Al. I sat down unable to help with the cleaning or drying and watched and talked to the people cleaning. When it was done we went to Al's girlfriend's house to play some board games. I consider her a friend rather than just my friend's girlfriend at the moment anyway.

When we got to her place her mum noticed that I had to use a walking stick and asked about me but I couldn't really explain it in Cantonese but I told the friend that her mum could read my blog if she could read English and her brother too. This was when I thought to myself that I had written the blog to originally avoid such embarrassing moments for whoever asked me and for me having to come up with an explanation. When I sit down I look like any other person but when I have to be mobile I am quite restricted. Maybe the friend can use Google translator for her mum . I know she felt bad for me in that situation though she should not be as I don't blame people for wanting to find out more. At her place we played some boardgames which Al brought along, We played two games they were called carcassonme and ticket to ride.
He explained how to play carcassonme and then had to go and pick up another friend to play the board games, Leaving me and her to play it as he would be gone and his girlfriend didn't want to go. So we played carcossonme for a bit as he was gone, though we had some rules issue so we had to consult with the rules booklet. When he got back he had to explain it to the friend, which was when we found out the things we did earlier were illegal moves so that game we had earlier didn't count. So we played a game of Carcossonme turns out that you didn't need to accumulate points in the game and that the end game score when worked out could be worth a lot. The next game we played was ticket to ride which wasn't as complex as the first game we played though it wasn't as fun as I enjoyed the first game more.

A friend had text-ed me earlier about dinner and I called her about it at about 6.40pm to ask about it and possibly get a lift from Al's girlfriend's place instead of from my home. She said it was fine provided I call another friend to pick me up instead.

We had time so I played another match of 1v1 in carrcossonme with my friend Al while they were coming to pick me up. Nice I won the game when I had to leave but we didn't know the eventual outcome as the game was unfinished but I do like the strategies behind that game more. I got picked up by my friend and we went to dinner which was fine by me.

When my friend got to the place I got to express myself once more about the day to Al and his girlfriend about how much of a blast I had with them. I hope they could tell even if I didn't voice it out but I had so its ok. I want to hang out with them next Sunday if it is at all possible.

At the dinner we had some conversations and then we ate and headed back home. What a long day for me I had been out of the house from about 30 minutes after I had woken up to when I got to write this blog entry.As for tomorrow I would want to take it easy and then platy some mtgo. whew long posting but I didn't do the day justice i suppose,. I had such a wonderful time today thanks guys 

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