Saturday, February 26, 2011

A taste of shanghai

25 February 2011

Alright I had a feeling that the lunch BBQ would not be going ahead tomorrow (26.2.2011) due to not enough people showing an interest in it. So I called Henry and asked if he wanted to go to dinner tonight instead.i felt like eating dumplings and 'a taste of shanghai' was a good place and i had been there before.

Until around 5pm I napped, played some casual mtgo games, youtubed, faebooked and maned abit. I was on my computer upstairs when I got up to go downstairs I stumbled a bit in my room and fell to the ground, I didn't bleed or break anything maybe my spirits but as for my body I was fine. I got up again right after so it was nothing major.

Dinner was awesome, the place was good and we had lots of laughs. When we, the 10 of us, got to the restaurant we had to go upstairs to have a table for 10 which was fine , it surprised me that there was an upstairs to the place. We placed our order with the waitress and she then read our orders back to us, it seemed rather long, when she was done we looked at the receipt and I was “just” 13 dishes During the dinner some people made comments about how they zoomed in on the plates in the menu because the dishes that came were smaller than we thought compared to when we ordered it from the menu. Next came dessert which was rather nice normally i'm too full from the dinner to eat dessert too so we again had to get the menu. I knew what to get since I tried it the other time and it was so nice to me. We ended up with 3 x red herbal jelly, a bubble tea, a ;passion fruit tea and another dessert which I forgot the name of. It was a ka chang or something. They agreed the desserts were larger than picutred but regardless the dessert that I ordered (red herbal jelly) was nice or so they told me. After dinner we had to get the bill and it was way less than I had imagined for the 10 of us with desserts too, they didn't want me to treat them to the dinner and each person was willing to pay their share. When we left the place I was walking down the sitars using the rails to help me get my balance. Seney walked ahead of me so if I did fall she could help me brace the fall, I don't think it was a good idea for her to cushion me if I did slip. Almerick stepped in front incase I did fall instead of Seney, he made the joke that if I fell on him he would then fall on Seney. This was bad since I was laughing while on the stairs. Don't worry I will not let myself move and laugh.

After we left the place some people needed to use the bathroom so a few of the people went to the bathrooms in the mall while Ricky had to go to his car to get the parking permit and Henry went to get his car to move it around so I wouldn't have to walk so far.

When we were done Lo Tech wanted to go out for drinks so I got let off at a friends place instead of at home. He was heading off tomorrow back to Orange where he studies so he didn't go the the dinner rather he would have dinner at home with his family. Sadly, Henry and Anna couldn't join us as they had to get to work tomorrow morning/ Anyway we went to a localish place and the 5 of us, went to a pub (me, Seney, Lo Tech, Wei Qi and An). At the pub we had some drinks (non alcoholic for me of course) and some wedges and we talked a bit. It was awesome too getting to hang out with them.

So overall the night for me was pretty awesome.

The next thing for me is to meet the team and do some rehabilitation exercises ar Braeside on Monday (28.2.2011) so hopefully they can help teach me some skills for everyday living.

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