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the weekends

February 19 & 20 2011
sorry I got tired last night and a bit lazy so there wasn't a blog post.


On Saturday 19, February 2011 I went swimming despite not wanting to go for the past few days. I found it quite good and it was quite the workout for me (yes I'm terribly unfit). It was a shallow pool being about 1m in the shallow end and 1.4m in the deep end so I could easily just stand up in the water and keep my head above the water. I did 4 laps of the pool which wasn't that big about 25m in length or 20m I'm not sure, when I did the 4 laps I didn't use my legs at all so I breastroked only then I got tired so I walked the pool. So awesome to walk it without needing any assistance, I did stumble but being in water meant I didn't fall down. Then came the dreaded part of swimming, going to the change rooms, thank fully there was a disabled cubicle in the male change rooms so I went in there after telling my dad to put the toilet seat down so I could sit and put on my pants later on I'll leave the details of the exact changing out but it wasn't as big of a hassle as I had imagined or remembered it beimg. So when my mum suggested I go 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes a session I said “how about I go once for like 4 hours”.

So I went swimming in the afternoon and in the evening till night I went to Eliza's to play some board games. I didn't know how to play 'dominion' but I learnt the game later on and it was quite fun as I got familiar with the goal of the game, to get the most points and how the game ended Part of the fun was winning it but by a narrow margin of 1 point, oh man so glad I bought 6 points rather than the last card to end the game. Then we played a horse racing game which was also fun though I didn't even get close to the winner I had like $70 when he had $300 or so. It was getting late so Eliza drove me home.

I had borrowed some cards to make the standard deck I would be playing at club ashfield, this took me until about 2am as I didn't previously sort my cards.


I woke up at 7.30am despite setting my alarm for 8am, its just 30 minutes earlier this seems to happen a lot when I do want to go somewhere, I tend to wake up earlier than the time I set my alarm to. Compare this to uni, I am much more eager for this. So the standard event doesn't start until 1pm or after the lunch break. I got there at 10am when the extended PTQ was starting and Victor was going to be late for it but it didn't bother him, I wanted him to go on ahead when we got some parking but he didn' really care about the potential game loss and instead walked me to the venue. I had brought a notebook bag along which had my netbook and the deck I was going to play in the standard event. I played some magic online using my iPhone's tethering of the Internet to access it, I was going to play 1-2 drafts but the first draft the opponent was such a bad sport I attacked him for 8 damage, he was down ti 2 life, I used a triskelion counter to ping him and then he used re assembling skeletons trigger and gave priority to me, I was lagging so I couldn't do F2 in time to say “ok” and timed out in the round. Such a bad sport I was going to win and then he intentionally did that.

Many people that I knew asked me what was wrong but I didn't really explain it to them as that's why I started the blog. Getting tired of having to tell people and explaining the same things over and over again.

The standard event was 4 rounds and i'll try to do an event coverage
round 1- loss – this was against mono red. Where his deck was all in and dedicated to killing you in the first few turns
round 2 – win -mono green elves this was a tough game but a genesis wave that got mana leaked in game 1 was awesome as it turned out since I sided them out in the following games

round 3 – win – rug control – boy this was tough as I was relatively unfamiliar with a mirror match on mtgo but land screw didn't help him out at all and I won it from there.

round 4 – win – u/w polymorph – this was an interesting matchup and it was enjoyable, I don't know about for my opp but I had fun in this match. I won game 1 convincingly but lost in the 2nd game to a mass polymorph, I didn't need to see what he would morph into as I knew anything could've killed me\. Game 3 he got a mass polymorph off. The pervious turn I had seen a terrastodon at the top of his lirbrary and I left it there for him to draw,. He was on 3 life and I had an infero titan in play. sure enough he draw it then cast a mass polymorph, thankfully I had jace, tms in play when he resolved emrakul, iona and archon of redemption. He gained 24 life in that turn I drew for my turn it was a bolt. So I bounced the emrakul with the jace I had, dealt one damage to each of his 2 creatures and 1 to him when inferno titan attacked, he blcoked with iona and I bolted the archon. This was a go0od turn for me as I neutralised the threats.

so I ended up being 3-1 in the event and overall fnishing 3/9 behind first and second who had an intentional draw to finish in the top 2 spots. Had they played it out I could've got 2nd place. Oh well I had fun today.

For dinner I went to a dumpling restraint with Prads and Hyok in Ashfield the plce was called 'a taste of shanghai'. We had 6 dishes of dumplings and a serviong each of desserts. The dumplings there were tasty at one point I wanted to order 3x as much as we had but that changed after I had the dessert what we ordered was the right amount of food. The dinner was great I had an awesome time with you guys.

So after the dinner Hyok drove me home and dropped off Prads by his car. Durikng the car ride an important conversation of magic occurred. I gathered some more information and got to express my opinion. I only play magic for the social aspect of it. I enjoy hanging out and conversing with people more than actually being any good at the game itself. Thats why people asked me about my condition when they saw me stumbling and holding the walking stick.

When I got home. I began to write the blog entries whilst playing some poker, I won $9 so that brings the total to -$143 from what I had. Henry texted a group of people and said he wanted some ice cream or something, it was ok I had just gotten home so I decided it was fine to go out again since I wanted to hang out with him, jess and sam. I later found out that Seney was going so it was fine I called her and got a confirmation. This was awesome they wanted to go eat some congee. At Superdish (the nearest restaurant) they were closing so they didn;t allow more people in. The chili fish balls seemed to catch my eye so Henry asked if we could buy them and take it away. The fish balls were spicy, we ate them in the carpark. Then so fail woollies closes at 10pm and we wanted a drink damn it the time was 10.09pm. We then went to 7/11 and got Slurpees on the way to Sam's house to drop him off again. Thanks for taking me out for the night, no sarcasm at all. Even though it was for a bit I think I had as much fun as friday when we went to the pho dinner. I remembered this more because it just happened.

Well guys that was my weekend tomorrow well next week I will get my ID and do a few other things like go swimming again. Though they haven't set the time I look forward to next weekend and the BBQ outing that's being planned.

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